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Vidar TruScan 800
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Vidar TruScan 800 - (36") Scanner
The Vidar TruScan 800 wide format scanner is designed to introduce architects, engineers and CAD professionals to large format document scanning at a highly affordable price.
$2295.00   or  $169/mo.



Vidar TruScan Select
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Vidar TruScan Select (36") Scanner
The Vidar TruScan Select scanner combines affordability with stand and speed upgrade options.  Offers easy-to-use scanner control software and above all, proven reliability.

$2395.00   or  $179/mo.



Vidar TruScan Titan
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Vidar TruScan Titan Atlas - (40") Scanner
The Vidar TruScan Titan not only provides a high level of monochrome CAD scanning, but also incorporates full-color scanning for graphic illustrations, renderings and maps

$2895.00   or  $199/mo.




Contex Crystal Tx40
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Contex Crystal Tx40 (40") Scanner
The Contex Crystal Tx40 utilizes built-in color matching and calibration software to provide high quality photo scanning. Offers flexible plug and play FireWire connection.

$3895.00   or  $229/mo.



HP DesignJet 4200
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HP DesignJet 4200  (42") Scanner
The HP DesignJet 4200 connects seamlessly with any large format printer to create a complete large format copying system. The included touch-screen PC makes it an extremely user friendly scanner.
$4895.00   or  $269/mo.



HP DesignJet 815mfp
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HP DesignJet 815mfp (42") Copier
The HP DesignJet 815mfp is the complete package for large format color copying and scanning.  Ideal for print service providers,  offers walk-up convenience and integrated one-touch color copying capabilities
$5895.00   or  $299/mo.



HP DesignJet T1100mfp
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HP DesignJet T1100mfp (44") Copier
The HP DesignJet T1100mfp is the complete package for fast large format color copying.  Ideal for print service providers, offers walk-up convenience and integrated one-touch color copying capabilities.
$6895.00   or  $329/mo.



HP DesignJet 4500mfp
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HP DesignJet 4500mfp (42") Copier
The HP DesignJet 4500mfp is the complete package for HIGH SPEED large format color copying and scanning.  Ideal for print service providers, offers walk-up convenience  and integrated one-touch color copying.
$8895.00   or  $399/mo.




AEC also offers the entire line of New Contex Wide Format Scanners



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